Why Grow a Home Herb Garden?

If you’re like a lot of people, me included, who aren’t real fond of boring, bland food but also don’t like spending a small fortune at the market buying fresh herbs, then the answer just might be to grow your own home herb garden.

Your options are wide open when deciding to grow a home herb garden. If you have the ground space you can plant an outdoor garden with several different varieties of herbs, or you may choose to grow in containers instead – which offers some advantages in that they can be easily moved when the weather turns cold or inclement.

Another option is to grow an indoor herb garden which has the added advantage of allowing you to grow your herbs year round. You can choose to grow in containers in a west or south facing window or via hydroponics – which is a method of growing plants without soil. There are a couple of ways to grow via hydroponics, one of which you can build your own hydroponic unit – or you can buy a ready made easy to use one – the most popular being the AeroGrow AeroGardens.

When starting a home herb garden you also have the choice of starting with seeds, the most common and cheapest way, or buying nursery plants that you will need to transplant at a later time. If you decide to go with nursery plants, try to get them at a reputable nursery that offers a wide variety of plants. This will ensure you’re investing in good stock.

Whichever method you decide to start your own herb garden, you’ll be surprised on just how easy, fun, and satisfying it can be. Even if you’re not interested in adding abundance of flavor to your food, herbs are great to have around simply as ornaments, landscape borders, or just as a houseplant. Their flowers adds beauty to any landscape or garden and the scent of herbs alone is wonderful and relaxing. Some even work well at keeping insects away.

So whether you’re looking to enhance your culinary adventures or just want a nicer looking and aromatic garden, give herbs a try, I think you’ll find it was well worth it.