Home Vegetable Gardening – Tips For Growing Eggplant

The most popular variety of eggplant that people will recognize immediately is the black beauty. It is that dark purple colored eggplant that is about ten to twelve inches long and an oblong shape. However there are more than a dozen varieties available.

Eggplants like it warm. In fact they like the ground to be hot. This does not mean if the ground is a bit cooler they won’t grow. What it means is to have your eggplants excel in growth and produce faster the temperature of the soil should be around eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit (twenty-nine Celsius).

The best way to keep that temperature up there is by placing grass clippings around the base of the plant. When the grass clippings begin to decompose heat is generated and that heat transfers to the soil giving your eggplant the optimal growing temperature.

Because eggplants like it warm, I recommend that you start your seeds indoors. You can buy a portable mini greenhouse for less than five bucks at home and garden centers. Place them on your window sill where the sun hits first thing in the morning and in a few days your eggplant seeds will have germinated. Once there is no fear of frost outdoors and your eggplants are at least three inches tall you can them move them to the outdoors.

Once you have planted them in the ground, keep in mind that eggplants require lots of water and full sun. Without one, the other or both, it will take longer for them to produce their fruit, if at all. So make sure you pick a spot in the garden that receives sun all day and give them a heavy watering every couple of days or so.

For you advanced gardeners or those of you that want to take your vegetable gardening to a whole new level, planting beans, peas, peppers and/or potatoes alongside your eggplant all make for great companions to the eggplant. Although companion planting goes beyond the scope of this article, it is the process of planting different vegetables together in the same area because they compliment each other for a number of reasons. You can learn more about companion planting at our website.

Another advanced technique is monitoring the pH level of your soil. Soil test kits are available at your home or garden center for a couple of dollars and you can obtain this reading in just a few minutes. Eggplants like the soil to be a bit more acidic. Optimally the soil pH level should be in the 5.5 to 7.0 range for best results. Again, you can find more information about pH levels at our website.

Eggplant is best harvested when it reaches maturity, which is about ten to twelve inches in length for most varieties. Letting it go longer could result in flavor loss and too soon makes for a less tasty and harder fruit. When picking the eggplant I recommend that you use shears or garden scissors and cut the eggplant from the plant at the stem leaving half of the stem connected to the plant and half connected to the fruit.

Regardless of which species of eggplant you grow, the growing techniques for all varieties of eggplant are virtually the same. How you prepare them once you harvest them, well, I will leave that up to you.

Flags For Home and Garden Decor

Have you ever wanted to add creative elegance to your porch, garden, deck or wall? Decorative flags may be just the right ingredient for that special finishing touch. A friend of mine has a home with a tall wooden fence next to the garden path. She hung large rainbow flags from the top of the fence. The result was absolutely stunning. The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating with flags. Today designers have created flags that are beautiful works of art. There are colors, themes and sizes that will enhance any area of your home. For those of you who have an entry porch that would benefit from an uplifting splash of color a flag may be just the ticket for you. If you have a wall that is boring, then consider hanging a banner to cheer it up. It is easy to be creative when decorating with flags. Whether you choose to be flashy or understated you will find the flag fits the bill.

Flags are available in themes for the country home, the traditional home, the contemporary home, the desert home, the log home and the sea side cottage. There are even gorgeous flags that render a touch of Asian inspiration. I personally love the Native American designs that are bright and bold. For those of you who love animals, it is really a banquet of delight. You will be amazed at the fantastic designs that feature cats, dogs, horses, cows, rooster, penguins, polar bears, moose, wolves, geese, sheep, pigs and even flamingos. If you live near the ocean, you might be interested in a lighthouse flag, a boat flag or a flag that paints a picture of marine life. I know of a couple who even flew flamingo flags from the bow of their boat. So whether you are decorating a home, an office, a garden or a barn there is a flag that will meet your needs.

Are you planning a party? Consider a flag to welcome your guests. You will be happy to know that flags are available for graduations, birthdays, retirements, weddings and every holiday that we celebrate throughout the year. Flags will add a touch of cheer to any celebration.

You will find flags to enhance every season of the year. Harvest moons, snow capped mountains, spring and sunny beaches are all common flag themes. Fall, winter, spring and summer have not been left out of the equation. Dancing leaves, daffodils, bluebirds, budding iris and colorful ladybugs are just a few of the treasures to be discovered. The possibilities and choices offer a wonderland of decorating ideas for both the home and garden.

So go ahead and express yourself, be creative and have fun with flags.

Get Timber Windows and Doors for Your Home and Garden

Among the doors and windows made with various materials, it is good to choose timber doors and timber windows over others. Being sustainable, the doors and windows made with timber wood give a refined and advanced environment to the home.

Need of Home Decor

The way your house looks determines your own self, so everyone wants to have an attractive look for his house. People buy many accessories for the better look of the house and garden like mattress, lamps, flower vase, aquarium etc. They also decorate the walls with different types of paintings and apply costly paint for a more vibrant look. There are also things in the house, which are necessary like doors and windows and can give extra decoration to your home if bought intelligently.

Why timber doors and windows?

Timber doors and windows provide much better style status to your home than any other door and window.Here are some of the prominent advantages of having timber door and timber window for your home.

  • They maintain the style standard of your house.
  • They are long lasting.
  • They are easy to repair.
  • They just need a new coat of paint for a different look and won’t fade or discolour.
  • They are good for environment and known for high performance.
  • They provide a variety of styles to choose from.
  • They are sustainable and are more CO2 efficient than any other material window.
  • Great mechanical strength make them unbreakable and good enough to bear extensive stress
  • They also ensure proper safety from thieves.
  • They provide choice to choose from a variety of designs and textures.
  • They give a natural feel to your home and garden. Having a timber door at the entrance of your garden and a timber window at the wall behind the garden gives it a royal eco-friendly look.
  • They save your hard-earned money.

The manufacturers create windows and doors from high quality wood, and craft it to match common design tastes. Some prefer Japanese style doors and windows, some prefer double panel doors, some prefer bifold doors. Timber doors are available in all these styles. You can choose according to your need and preference. There are various types of windows and doors made with timber available, like casement window, sash windows, patio & French doors, exterior doors etc. The lifespan of the doors and windows is quite long and they can last up to an average of 60 years.