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Home and Garden Ambiance With Decorative Water Fountains

There’s really nothing more peaceful than the sound of water running in a sparkling brook. Unfortunately, most of us don’t live where we can enjoy such sounds. Therefore, a lot of people are choosing to create this serene ambiance in their yards or right in their homes themselves. To do this, they are using decorative water fountains. These delightful additions to your home or garden come in many beautiful designs, sizes, and colors and are sure to enhance the beauty of any decor.

Many of the outdoor decorative water fountains are in the form of bird baths. After all, what bird isn’t going to want a little splash in whatever kind of water you provide? One of the greatest things about many of these outdoor fountains is that they require no additional plumbing. Each unit contains an internal pump that re-circulates the water over and over again. Some of are very heavy, so you should keep in mind that when you order one, you’re going to need help moving it into position. You can find lighter-weight fountains made of resin or fiberglass, but it you want a lovely marble or metal fountain it’s going to have some weight to it.

For a fountain within your home, you can choose from either table-top fountains or wall mounted ones. Both kinds are delightful and will provide your family with hours of peaceful viewing. There’s just something calming about watching and listening to water. Table top fountains come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and decorator styles. For example, you can find an exotic Japanese water fountain that incorporates motifs such as Buddhas and bamboo. In addition, you can find contemporary styles, country designs, and nostalgic fountains. There are so many different styles available that there’s bound to be something that will blend well into any decor.

Wall-mount decorative water fountains are a joy for people who don’t have a lot of extra space. Equipped with re-circulating fountain water pumps, they hang on your wall wherever you have the space, indoors or out. Some of these wall fountains are designed to give you a historical look with “carved” lion heads and guardian angels. Other models are sleeker and more contemporary and look like boxes with sheets of water coming down in a soothing continuous motion. Whatever style you’re looking for, you’re certain to find a decorative water fountain that will become a treasured conversation piece in your home or yard.

Home Herb Gardens – 5 Steps to Creating a Home Herb Garden

Imagine fresh rosemary to go next time you make that famous pot roast of yours, or sweet-smelling tarragon in sumptuous quiches or fragrant lemongrass in that mouth-watering Thai delicacy. And imagine if you had grown all these herbs yourself! That is precisely what a home herb garden would do for you- provide fresh, organic herbs every time you need them, without even having to rush out of your home.

Creating a home herb garden is very simple. It does not need much space. In fact, a nice bright and airy space on your kitchen window sill would do. With proper planning, anyone can start working on a small home herb garden.

1. Planning:

First of all, you have to decide about what you exactly want in your home herb garden. Choose the herbs that you would want to grow. To start with, it is better to grow herbs which need little maintenance and grow quickly. Also, plan how many varieties and quantity of herbs you can squeeze in the area available for your herb garden. Do not embark upon having a crowded home herb garden at the beginning. Small scale is the keyword for beginners. Make arrangements to procure the seeds of the herbs you have decided upon.

2. Space Arrangement:

Next, analyse the place available for your home herb garden. Most of the herbs would require airy space and sunshine. You could even change the position of your plants to catch the sun over the whole day. In such cases, make it a point to have smaller pots so that they are easier to move. Also, keep ready a good source of water for the plants, in case that is an issue.

3. Potting and other measures:

Attend to preparation of pots for the herbs. Make sure they are of the appropriate size to suit the herb. It is important to ensure that the pots have proper drain facility. Blocked drains would ruin the herbs. While putting the seeds in pots, be careful that they are not planted too deep. That would hinder with their ability to sprout. In case you are using an already planted plant, ensure that the transferring of plant into the pot does not to harm the roots.

The great thing about having your own home herb garden is that you can be certain of the quality of the herbs grown. Be sure to use only natural manure for your herbs, and keep the produce as organic as possible.

4. Maintenance:

Ensure regular maintenance of the herbs. They should be methodically watered. Occasional spraying of the shoots enables the whole plant to be fresh and bright. Trim the shoots to get rid of dry leaves and move the pots around to catch the most of sunshine.

5. Use help:

Last of all, do not hesitate to use assistance from experts, who would be able to give valuable advice regarding the better ways to grow your herbs.

Now, go ahead, create your home herb garden and receive compliments when you use home-grown Lavender next time you make ice cream.

Best Value Home Design Software – Better Homes and Gardens Picture Painter Home & Landscape

There is more than just a few home design software available in the market today. Although a majority of these programs are able to deliver excellent functionality, there are some that just don’t deliver value for money. While so home design applications retail for less than $50, there are those that have quite a hefty price tag, sometimes even in the 500-dollar region. It then becomes a question of needs rather than wants. In order for a user to ensure that he is purchasing a piece of software that will be worth his money, he will first need to identify what it is he wants from the said program.

Painting the Picture

Now down to only $49 (formerly at $69), Better Homes and Gardens Picture Painter Home & Landscape is definitely one of the best value home design software out there. This program takes a unique approach in home design in that it makes use of an actual picture as the basis of each project – thus the name, Picture Painter. What this one of a kind software does is it takes an actual image of the existing house (which is either scanned or uploaded by the user to the computer) and integrates it into the program to allow the users to tinker with its design. Instead of starting from scratch, Picture Painter allows users to literally repaint their homes to see what it would look like in different colors. And of course, there are a lot more features on board that will allow users to play with their homes’ designs in their quest to find the perfect look and feel for their future dream house.

Never Wonder Again

One of the reasons why a lot of folks have their qualms about redesigning their homes is because of the fear that it might not look good once the remodeling phase is completed. With the help of Picture Painter, users will no longer have to wonder and speculate ever again as this program will show them exactly how their new house will look like once the changes have taken place. Aside from changing the home’s color, users can also change the textures of their exteriors. Moreover, landscaping changes can also be visually represented on Picture Painter to ensure that users get exactly what they want. This way, a lot of time, money, and effort is saved.

Great for Interiors Too

While Picture Painter focuses on how one’s home’s exterior will look like, it also offers a wide array of features for any changes one might wish to make inside the house. For starters, users can choose from over 6,000 branded furniture and fixtures and literally drag them into whichever room they’d like. Among these renowned brands are Huntwood, Kraftmaid, Armstrong, Mohawk, LG Electronice, Whirlpool, DuPont Corian, Sherwin-Williams, and a whole lot more.

What’s even better is that the whole process is quite simple and very user-friendly – it’s just like editing a picture. In fact, the manufacturer even promises that no design experience whatsoever is needed to excel in this wonderfully-designed program.

Especially when the affordable price is included in the equation, Picture Painter definitely proves to be one of the best value home design programs in the market today.