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Food, Health and Beauty: Enjoying a Home Herb Garden

There are so many types of gardening, but none are as simple to plant and maintain as a home herb garden. Even better, maintaining a home herb garden is inexpensive, as the plants are cheap and they don’t require lots of water and fertilizer. It’s a rewarding kind of gardening because newbies can become instant successes, enjoying great rewards no matter what their gardening skill level. The most difficult part, of course, is choosing what kinds of herbs you’d like to grow. Below is a useful guide to the three most common types of home herb garden: culinary, medicinal, and ornamental.

Culinary herbs are the most common type of herb to find in a home herb garden. These very familiar herbs, such as basil, rosemary, parsley, sage and oregano, are generally consumed as flavorings for food. This means that as well as enjoying their beauty in the garden, we’re also able to eat the fruits of our work. What hooked me was the first time I snipped off some rosemary from my garden to use in a dish we were cooking. Believe me, nothing compares.

Fresh herbs from the garden, after all, are superior to dried, store-bought herbs in every way! Best of all, enjoying a home herb garden full of culinary herbs is accessible to everyone. Whether you grow them in a window box or a formal plot, in the city or the country, any home can play host to a culinary garden of some kind.

Some home herb garden growers use their gardens specifically for a medicinal purpose. Medicinal herbs have been used to support human health since ancient times, and many modern gardeners also appreciate the plants’ many benefits. After all, nearly eighty percent of drugs on the pharmaceutical market are directly derived from plants.

The herbs that are extracted for sale on natural food store shelves are easy and cheap to grow at home. A home gardener can easily raise such heavy hitters as immune-boosting Echinacea, sleep-cycle-regulating valerian, brain-boosting gingko, and heart-healthy garlic instead of buying them in pill or tincture form.

Finally, never underestimate the beauty of a home herb garden! Many gardeners plant herbs just because they’re so pretty. The technical term for this is an “ornamental herb garden”. Though most herbs have value far beyond their lovely aesthetics, herbs are used in many landscaping settings for their lovely colors, hardiness, climate-specific derivation, ease of growth, and inexpensive, water-wise care (depending on the cultivar.)

There are so many different kinds of herbs that they integrate beautifully into any garden design. Best of all, most herbs you plant will have a range of other uses, as well!

Shopping For Home and Garden Accessories

It’s always nice to spice up your garden and home area with some good looking accessories and decorations that will add a beautiful ambiance to their entire area. You will find that there are plenty of places which you can go to in order to find these garden accessories and decorations. You can get everything from garden lights to pots, candles, and planters. Putting together a nice garden area is all about being creative and seeing what you can do with what you have. You might just be surprised at all the different types of things you can get to put in your garden. These are especially nice to have if the entire area is looking a little bit empty and boring. A lot of people choose to put in a good outdoor lighting system around the garden to illuminate it at night. This way people who drive by your home in the evening and at night can see just how beautiful it looks.

When you are considering which kinds of pots to use to put your plants in, you will also want to be creative here as well. You can buy a variety of pots for your plants in many different designs and colors. Just think about what would look best in your garden and go from there. You might even want to think about color-coordinating the plants with the pots that they are in. That way your garden area can look more stylish than ever. Garden candles can add a much more intimate and personal feeling to the garden area. It can breathe all new life into it if your garden seemed to have started becoming bland and lifeless. It should have a personality of its own and really say something about the person who created in. In your garden you will get the chance to express your personality.

There are a lot of different copper and metal plant holders that people are starting to put in their gardens, as well as wicker decorations. Both of these are becoming very popular and if you have a garden, you should start thinking about getting some of these for yours right away. It can transform the whole area into something completely different that will look a lot better. Putting an orb or a crown in your garden may be just the thing it needs to start feeling like a real garden again. These are available online and in many different stores that sell garden accessories. Even getting a few garden baskets isn’t a bad idea when it comes to making it look unique and different from all the other gardens in your neighborhood. It’s important to stop and take the time to be creative with just how you decide to decorate it.

Start Your Own Home Herb Garden

If you are a person who is wanting to start your own home herb garden and has no clue where to begin then you should read on. It is really quite simple and much easier compared to starting a huge vegetable garden. Herb gardens are very easy to start, but they are also as easy to maintain.

The thing that you first need to decide when you are starting out with a home herb garden is the types of herbs that you want to grow. In the beginning you should try to include only those herbs that you intend on using on a regular basis. When you are done deciding the herbs that you wish to grow, you will have to conduct intensive research on them.

Each herb has a different method for growing. Each herb flourishes in different conditions. Each of them has a different procedure to be employed while harvesting. Thus, you should study them well in order to get a decent picture of how each one is. This also helps you realize how easy or how hard it is to grow each of these herbs. After researching, you may even choose to remove a few herbs from your list as they will be quite hard to grow and maintain.

The next thing for you to figure out is where you are going to grow your home herb garden. These gardens do not require much space. This helps give you flexibility in choosing the location to grow the herbs. You can choose to grow herbs in your yard or inside containers indoors, or even hanging from pots outside. As the research would have taught you, every herb requires a different condition for it to flourish. It is true that most of the herbs need a lot of sunlight, but there are a few that grow the best in shadier spots. Also, some herbs may prefer dry areas and some herbs moist. Therefore, you should choose the location to grow your herbs based on the conditions under which they flourish.

Now that you have finally prepared yourself for growing herbs you need to go and get your supplies. You will need seeds or plants. This depends on the herbs that you have chosen to grow. You will also need soil in which to grow the herbs. If you have decided to grow your herbs inside your house then you will also need to buy some containers in which to keep the herbs and soil.

Now that you have everything that you need, you have to learn the correct way in which you should be planting each herb. Every herb has different moisture and soil requirements. Another thing that you should research is how much water each herb in your garden requires.

After you have succeeded in completing all these three steps you will be well on your way to having your own home herb garden. Just ensure that you keep on caring for your herbs and watering them whenever necessary and as long as you are patient you will see the fruits of your hard work growing right in your kitchen.