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Driftwood As Home and Garden Decorations

Mother Nature’s Artwork

I admit it. I live in Hawaii and I am constantly scanning for new driftwood. I will be walking along the beach or driving near the shoreline, and come upon a must-have piece of stylized wood. My husband now knows that he better stop when I mention driftwood. No person could have created it, but the ocean waves and tides did. I feel like it is a gift just waiting to be discovered and appreciated.

My townhouse has a tiny front yard in which I plant colorful flowers, ferns, and aloe. When we first moved in, it didn’t look complete until one day while I was walking along the North Shore near where we live, I spotted some incredible pieces of driftwood. Lucky I had my husband and grandson with me. Maybe it was not so lucky for them, but we each brought home a couple of these priceless treasures.

Some of the pieces of driftwood I spot are much too large to drag home, so instead I fill my yearning by photographing them. I have noticed that several other photographers share their lucky captures with the cyberspace community in the form of wallpaper.

Other uses of driftwood include floral decorations, driftwood furniture, lamps, mirrors, picture frames, or just by placing a unique driftwood art piece on a shelf. Another favorite use is in aquariums, although I understand it takes some cleaning and curing to make sure it does not dirty the fish tank.

I admire artists who take driftwood and then use their insight to create their own masterpiece. Some who are talented in wood burning burn the image of a fish, starfish or tropical flower right into the wood. I have even seen an image of a lady burned into one that was beautiful.

I have tried to use some driftwood I found that still had some creatures inside. I have found that it is best to wash it off and then dry it for several days in the sun before using it in a floral decoration or putting it on your bookshelf. It may have termites so be sure you check it carefully.

Once in a while I felt a little guilty in taking nature’s gifts home, so I wondered if there were laws regarding the use of driftwood found on the beach. I could not find any rules that prohibit the use of driftwood. I suppose the driftwood belongs to who ever owns the beach you are on, so if you don’t know, it is better to look elsewhere.

I’m sure some people use driftwood only for making fires, and that is wonderful for those pieces that have not weathered long enough and been transformed into artwork by the waves. But for now, I will continue my hobby of scanning for driftwood.

Home Herb Garden – If You Love Herbs, Start One Today

A home herb garden is a wonderful hobby for a gardener. Those who enjoy cooking and gardening benefit two-fold by having their own herb garden. Fresh herbs are excellent for seasoning sauces, salads, and many other dishes. Herbs can also be preserved by drying or freezing if the harvest is not needed immediately.

The very fabric of the American spirit was founded on the planting of crops and the harvesting of food. People moved all the way across the United States to get government lands, so they could have farms and ranches. At one time, a family’s survival was based on their supplying themselves with food. You didn’t go out to eat unless you were away from home in a strange place.

In some parts of the world, similar conditions to the early United States drive people to plant, grow, harvest, and eat the things they produce for themselves. What has changed so much through history? The earth still produces her bounty for those who cultivate her.

Gardening may not be as much a part of the individual’s life as it was when America was a primarily rural country, but many people still farm religiously, even if it is on a small scale. Herb gardening has surged over recent history in line with the growing desire by the masses to make more healthful choices in their lives.

Herb gardens are usually small and require only minor tending. The time spent laboring among the plants is actually a relaxing and refreshing break for most people, and it’s not as stressful as most career jobs. The gardener knows that if he does what he is supposed to do, he should receive a return on his investment. Each plant that comes forth from a seed presents a miracle of life that is only possible because someone took the time to nurture it.

After you’ve decided to plant an herb garden, you need to select what kind of herbs you want. If you desire to plant herbs that can be used for treating physical illness, you may have different plants than the ones for culinary use. If your reason for planting is to have beautiful flowers, herbs can be mingled among other varieties of flowers to produce wonderful colors.

If you have room outside your home for a small garden, you could plant a variety of herbs. In this way, you can have a mixture of plants for culinary use, medicinal use, fragrant aroma, and beauty.

Some people assume because they live in a small house or apartment that a home herb garden is not possible. But container gardening is very popular, and herbs can be grown on a sunny windowsill or in other small areas where you live. Herbs can be planted inside or out and grow quite well as long as you properly care for them. So, all you have to do is commit time and effort if you want an herb garden.

How to Combat Unwanted Pests in the Home and Garden

There are far too many people who have problems with pests in and around there home, because they simply don’t know how to go about getting rid of them in a safe and efficient way. If you don’t want to take the more traditional route of using dangerous or even illegal pesticides, then you will certainly want to consider some of the following tips that will help you to keep your home and garden pest-free all year round.

Starting with the garden, one of the best ways to take care of pests is to use certain predatory insects to your own advantage. One example of this is the dragonfly. Many gardeners and farmers tend to use these insects to get rid of other insects that cause problems with what they are planting. The dragonfly is a great insects to use because it feeds on so many other insects that are considered pests, while not disturbing what you have planted in your garden at all.

Another tip for gardeners that can’t seem to get rid of their pests is to make sure you practical regular crop rotation. Many farmers know that this is a key element in keeping pests away. It is a great method because it is safe, simple, and environmentally responsible.

If you find that you have been receiving an usual amount of unwanted pests in your home, then you’ll need to know what to do right away to avoid having the problem worsen. Typically, most homes that get pests experience roaches, beetles, and ants. One simple way to keep all of these creepy crawlies from coming in is to keep your home sanitary and clean at all times. This means not leaving exposed trash bags inside your home or on the floor. Once you start practicing clean house habits, you will find that the amount of pests you get will be lower in the first week or two.