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Planters Accent Your Home and Garden

The right planter in the right setting brings style, function and beauty to any indoor room or outdoor location. Planters can be used as a unique focal point or a graceful accent in any garden, patio, porch or room. The secret is finding the perfect planter – one that reflects the owner’s personality and surroundings while maintaining lasting durability. 

Planters come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, designs, materials and price points, which makes some planters a better choice than others. In today’s market, the unlimited assortment can also create unlimited indecision. Knowing a few useful tips can simplify the decision-making process and help consumers purchase plantersthat will bring years of pleasure. 

Considerations Before Purchasing A Planter   

o Location (shade, sun, extreme weather)                                                                                        

o Maneuverability                                                                                                             

o Size, Shape, Style, Color, Finish, Texture                                                            

o Drainage Hole and/or Self-Watering Options                                                                     

o Durability & Longevity                                                                                                     

o Artistic/Decorative Impact                                                                                               

o Reflect Personality of Owner/Home/Surroundings                                                                                                  

o Materials (Learn the advantages and disadvantages of planter materials such as clay, terracotta, concrete, metal, wood, resin, fiberglass, etc.)                                                                                                                

o Storage Concerns

A great way to get started is to purchase a matching set of various sized planters ranging from three, five or seven in total. Five containers used in a corner of a patio will help define your entertainment space. This grouped planter display can provide privacy and help tie in your overall outdoor living area. Don’t be afraid of using bright and vivid containers such as oranges, iridescent blues and reds. These colors can help liven up outdoor spaces.

Combining plants is a fun part of container gardening. Try mixing and matching different plants such as annuals, tropicals, perennials, trees, shrubs, vines and vegetables. Before planting, arrange the new plants in or around your container while they are still in their small pots to see how they fit best. A good rule of thumb is to plant the tallest upright foliage plant in the center. Next, plant the shorter and more compact flowering plant to the side of the center, near the edge of the planter. Leave enough space between these plants to allow for growth. Finally, place plants with trailing or semi-trailing growth habits around the planters’ outer edges leaving enough space for adequate spreading and trailing.

A word of caution: Also remove new plants from their nursery pots with care. Never remove them by pulling on their tender stems. Gently loosen or untangle the bottom inch of each plant’s roots before carefully spreading them out in your planter. This helps give young plants a better start. Additional potting mix can be added to ensure the soil covers the roots of each plant. When your planting is finished, the soil should be at least an inch below the rim of the container.

Gardening with planters is a great way for beginning and experienced gardeners to dig into the botanical world. And best of all, you can take your planter garden with you when you move.

It is Home and Garden Show Time!

March is here and spring is just around the corner even though winter is still making a determined stand throughout the country. We will soon be entering into the new planting season. Home and garden shows are ramping up and will feature the latest lines of outdoor furniture for around the home. This is an excellent time to take the family out and find out which designs best suite your lifestyle.

You would never dream of decorating the inside of your home without the input of other family members. Why not get their input about the outdoors as well. Often, individuals pick out single outdoor furniture pieces throughout the year as the need arises without the consideration of what others may want. There is usually not a lot of thought to how these new pieces blend in with your existing outdoor furniture. This can easily lead to a tacky eclectic backyard yard that nobody knows what to do with.

Do not make that mistake. This year, gather the family together and hit the nearest home and garden show around where you live. Go pick out an outdoor living furniture set that everyone agrees on.

If you find furnishings that you like but price is an issue, you may want to consider waiting until the end of summer to purchase it. Although the finest showcase time is here at the beginning of spring, the end of the season is the best time to buy when there are plenty of clearance sales around.

The Benefits of a Home Herb Garden

There are many different benefits to tending a home herb garden. No matter where you live, you can enjoy these benefits. This is because of the nature of herbs themselves. Being a very versatile plant, they are able to grow in different conditions. So, no matter if you live in the city or the suburbs, a herb garden can be of great benefit to you. The benefits range from having fresh herbs to cook with to having an escape from the every day. Everyone has their own reason for starting a home garden.

Most every true foodie will have herb gardening of some variety. This is because there is nothing like the flavor of fresh herbs in your food. This is true for both cooked and fresh dishes. The best part about having fresh herbs available to a cook is they always offer inspiration. The inspiration is drawn from the aroma and the olfactory memory they create. You can’t help but get inspired to cook something delicious right from your garden.

The aromatic value of herbs is not just for the foodie. Many people have a home herb garden simply for the aromatherapy aspect it offers. There is nothing quite as potent and as pleasing as fresh herbs. It has been proven certain smells will generate specific feelings. It helps to know how each herb will make you feel. One herb which has been used a lot in order to create a feeling of serenity is lavender. You will find it in everything from lotions to hand soaps.

There is a therapeutic value in tending a home garden. This is due not only to the smells of the herbs, but from the act itself. Many people take up gardening as a hobby because it relaxes them. Gardening herbs is especially beneficial because of how easy it can be. Nothing is more stressful than killing a plant. This is why you can plant everything from simple to manage chives, to more demanding herbs. You are sure to feel calmed simply by getting your hands dirty. This is due in large part to the feeling created from watching your plants thrive.

Many different herbs have been proven to have medicinal qualities. Growing these plants in your home can help you improve your health. Herbs have been used for centuries in order to treat everything from nausea to migraines. Growing mint is a very good way you can benefit your health every day. Mint has been proven to help you in several ways. Chewing mint leaves after a meal has two main benefits. It makes your breath smell better and it helps you to digest your food.

This only scratches the surface of the benefits you will be able to find from a home herb garden. The best way to find out for yourself is to get started. Those who already have a garden should expand their garden. Not only do herbs do many great things for your body, they make your entire garden look better. Herbs are pretty to look at while being great for you. Enjoy a better life and home by tending to something as gratifying as your own herb garden.